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foto on lake hügn in sweden by merle bennett    

I play acoustic guitar

and sing.
I like to call my music

I am a Canadian and have been living in Berlin Germany since 2002. I have a wife and two kids and although I love them very dearly, I was so excited by the fact of being home alone for a weekend at the begining of 2014, that I decided to take apart the bottom bunk in the kids room and build a very small yet cozy recording studio. "Scrapwood and Wire" is a record of this weekend.

 I have enjoyed a twenty year career as a musician, first in Montreal Canada, then London, England and now Berlin, Germany.  I have played all over North American as well as countless countries in Europe.  I have played with members of Anthony and the Johnsons, Stars, Edison Woods, Erik & Me, Prag, The Necks, Jazz Pharmacy, One Step Beyond, Leisure Cruise,  Sisters of Mercy, Land of Talk, Broken Social Scene, the Barr Brothers and Coal Oven.  I studied classical guitar and composition at McGill University in Canada.  

I am interested in many different styles of music: Folk, Experimental, Film, Jazz, Rock, Indie, Classical,Country....etc.  and am not afraid to use these influences in my own music.